Top 10 Wedding Cinematographer Malaysia


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The time-honored tradition that brings luck and prosperity to the newlyweds. For brides and grooms whose style is a little fun and edgy, you will appreciate a more aesthetic approach to the traditional in capturing your special day as it unfolds. A cinematic art film that blends into the mood of music, perfectly synced to build drama and anticipation, capturing your natural, elegant and playful moments.


Eng Seen & Stephanie | SDE

A real man finds in one woman everything he needs for his own happiness.


Sky & Jenny | SDE

The best thing you could probably do as a father is to make sure they see how you love their mother.


Jouvarn & Verena | Wedding Highlight

A sweet ending with a new beginning.


Adrian & Elise | SDE

If a man makes his woman feel loved, safe, cherished and valued, she will build him an empire.


Ron & LiQing | Full Day Highlight

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged. A piece of valuable advice from the parents. It’s never easy, but it’s one of life’s greatest adventures, to go through the ups and downs together.


Alex & Thao | Phuket Wedding

You showed me a part of myself that never knew existed. Loving you is beyond words, feelings, and it’s a dream that cannot explain. This beautiful experience that is us, is one I shall cherish till the ends of time.


Ron & LiQing | SDE

LOVE means finding the beauty in someone’s imperfections. Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.


Kong Hui & Yuen Yan | Wedding Highlight

Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another.


Lukas & Serene | The Man & The Women

Lukas & Serene met each other through a friend, this friend thought that they’re truly a perfect match. So, he took it upon himself to exchange their contacts with one another, then magic happens. [Genesis 2:21-23] “GOD created Adam, and took one of his ribs to make Eve”. At times, we find loving couples are getting along really well and they simply just clicked. Perhaps, they’re destined to be together as they’re no longer two, but one flesh. What God has joined together, let no one separate.

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