Top 10 Wedding Cinematographer Malaysia


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The time-honored tradition that brings luck and prosperity to the newlyweds. For brides and grooms whose style is a little fun and edgy, you will appreciate a more aesthetic approach to the traditional in capturing your special day as it unfolds. A cinematic art film that blends into the mood of music, perfectly synced to build drama and anticipation, capturing your natural, elegant and playful moments.

Alex&Jiun Ning

Alex & Jiun Ning (HD)

“LOVE” is spreading around every corner, on every face, at all time with plenty of love signs just like how “LOVE” sparkles between Alex & Jiun Ning!!


Jung Mun & Happy (SD)

It has been a while since the last time we edited Cantonese Song. Indeed, this is a very cute and lovely song, an interesting way to narrate the journey of love.


Stanley & Jacinta (HD)

We feel really grateful to this couple as they had given almost full cooperation with all the shots filmed. Besides, we also captured heaps of delightful footage from the wedding dinner, hope you’ll enjoy this video.


Fakrul & Michelle (HD)

He is humorous, easygoing, approachable and very well immersed into Chinese cultures. Having glanced through the wedding hall, half of the guests were Chinese and another half were Malays. The wedding atmosphere was exceptionally warm, joyful and touching. This was not just the big day for Fakrul and Michelle but also a memorable day for all the guests who attended the wedding dinner including us. Watch this video and you’ll feel the same.


Jonathan & Alicia (HD)

This is a highlight video of ROM + House Warming. The marriage registration ceremony was held at home, so warm and comfortable!

Jason n Fion

Jason & Fion (HD)

This is our 2nd video using DSLR camera for filming. To carry a DSLR,Steadicam & monopod alone during shooting is definitely a tough mission but this couple were satisfied with the production quality. Glad that all the hard work paid off.

Guillermo n Jess

Guillermo & Jess (HD)

Guillermo, a friendly Argentinean. He treated his wedding as important as his wife. Personally, I like this dining place a lot due to its classic elegance environment. This type of atmosphere is most favoured by the engaged couples for their wedding. Proudly present our first DSLR video, sit back & enjoy!

Chin Ling n Li Ching

Chin Ling & Li Ching (SD)

Once we knew that John & Trista have had held a traditional wedding in China, we’ve decided to edit this Malaysia wedding video with a completely different approach, infusing more sense of fashion accompanied with this song. This lovely couple has spent a lot of thoughts in their wedding, thus the programmes were packed from day to night, almost no intermission. When we just finished editing this video, it was the march in time for the bride and groom. Phew… that was really a cold sweat!

Jason n Sherrie

Jason & Sherrie (SD)

Jason and Sherrie, a couple who love each other at the first sight, such occurrence is very rare and precious. Their encounter has once reminded me the fairy tales of prince and princess. We’re certain that their love journey will be exceptionally sweet, romantic and unforgettable. We wish all joy and happiness would always be with you both forever.

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