Family is everything

Kayn-U & Pei Zhi

Family is what happens when two people fall in love!

Message from the newlyweds:

Dear Mickey and the team, a big thank you to all of you for the excellent actual day videography. We absolutely love the video as it captures the important moments on the wedding day. Thank you for being so professional and pleasant to work with. Wishing you all the best in your career, will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you!

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The Union of Two Good Forgivers

Nelson & Ruth | SDE

A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.

Message from the newlyweds:

我觉得Neptune View studio 真的是一班非常专业和有效力的团队,我觉得我没选错他们成为我的婚礼排摄团队,因为看见他们细心的聆听我们新人的要求,尽量的满足我们所想的,使我们有一个属于我们自己的风格的video,让我和我的老公可以留下一个美好的回忆(我的心意是打算我们每一年的anniversary都打开来回归下),所以在这方面特别的要求),而我也找到了你们,你们专业的拍摄,和他效力在短时间内帮助我们完成,让我们俩非常满意和开心,谢谢你们的服务。

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Be Flawsome!

Ron & Li Qing

[Flawsome (adj.) an individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they’re awesome regardless]. LOVE means finding the beauty in someone’s imperfections. Your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

Message from the newlyweds:

Thank you Desmond and Mickey from NVStudio! Love the video lots, we can’t help watching it over and over again #LAUghinghapiLEE

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NVStudio | The Moments

NVStudio | The Moments


Life is about moments, don’t wait for them, create them. Do what makes your soul shines! Join us and be part of the team.

Neptune View Studio is expanding and we’re looking for talented, digitally-minded, passionate Cinematographer and Video Editor to work with the growing production team. If you think you have what it takes, apply with us by submitting your CV to Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.





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The Man and The Woman

Lukas & Serene


Lukas & Serene met each other through a friend, this friend thought that they’re truly a perfect match. So, he took it upon himself to exchange their contacts with one another, then magic happens. [Genesis 2:21-23] “GOD created Adam, and took one of his ribs to make Eve”. At times, we find loving couples are getting along really well and they simply just clicked. Perhaps, they’re destined to be together as they’re no longer two, but one flesh. What God has joined together, let no one separate.

Message from the newlyweds:

Desmond and Mickey did our actual day videography over the weekend – we love the SDE! It completely exceeded our expectations :) can’t wait for the full videos. They were punctual, professional, and gave clear directions on what we needed to do to help them get the footage. The drone scenes were a big bonus. Catherine is also responsive to texts and pleasant to deal with. All in all we are very pleased that we chose NVS and would strongly recommend them to others!

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Malaysia’s Top 10 Cinematographers by The Wedding Vow

Again we’re voted as one of the Malaysia’s Top 10 Cinematographers 2017 by The Wedding Vow​! It’s truly motivating!! On behalf of the NVS team, we’d like to thank everyone for your trust and confidence in us. You guys are the momentum that keep us moving! Thank you!!


The Wedding Vow:

Wedding videographer and cinematographer helps you create a perfect memory that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. They produce blissful and stunning shots of your most unforgettable wedding day that will surely remember. The Wedding Vow has compiled the Top 10 Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia that will help you while you prepare for your big day.

Top 10 Wedding Videographers and Cinematographers in Malaysia

1. iStudio, for an elegant movie style |

2. Filming Art Cinematographer, for a touching wedding video |

3. Neptune View Studio, for a natural wedding documentation |

4. Kenchan Production, for your unforgettable special moments |

5. Motion in Style, for romantic moments of your love story |

6. Wheres The Fish, for your own fairytale |

7. Doodle Studio, for a blissful masterpiece |

8. Beezworks Productions, for professional wedding documentation |

9. Crazy Monkey Studio, for a heartfelt wedding cinematography |

10. Shutterspeak Studio, for moments to treasures |

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It’s NVS 10th Anniversary!

Hey, It’s our 10th year anniversary and everyone gets something in return!

We’re really grateful for the love and supports that have been showered upon us. Today, we’d like to celebrate a decade of our momentous journey with you through a series of thanksgiving programs.


10th Anniversary Thanksgiving



NVS 10th anniversary, with our humble influence in the industry, we wish to help those in need through our lens by documenting a meaningful short film for free.

We welcome everyone to share your stories with us. This program is open to all individuals, groups, organisations, companies and associations. We anticipate a profound and inspiring story to be filmed. Our NVS members will vote for the most novel piece and wrap it up with our very own post production for your story to be seen. If you are interested, please email your stories to us at Join us to care for the community, shower them with the warmest love!

Submit Before: 31/03/2017



We appreciate your trust and confidence in us. If we had ever served you in the past 10 years and captured the memorable moments in your life, this is the time for us to return you a favor.

As long as you’re NVS ex-customers, be it through weddings, business/private events, corporate commercials, short films, MVs or any other productions. Get in touch with us at, we’ll offer you an unprecedented half-price cinematography service. 

Book Before: 30/06/2017

*Terms & conditions apply



NVS together with our four collaborative partners offer you 10 enthralling promotions. Their services include wedding planning, photography, emcee and bridal makeup. We’ll be handing out 10 exclusive giveaways worth RM7,940 for every full package signed during this period. This is definitely a promotion that you don’t want to miss, get in touch with us at to make an appointment.

Promotion Period: 10/03/17 – 12/03/17

*By appointment only

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十年路,回饋情 | A Decade of Journey, Always Be Grateful.

10th Anniversary Thanksgiving

感恩十週年 | 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving



A decade of time; could turn a kid to a mature young adult, could grow a seed to a tree. Ten years of passion and perseverance, upholding the utmost professionalism that we always believe in. We exist because of the trust of our customers, now it is the right time for us to reach out and do something different this year. So, what can we do for you and how can we give back to the society through our expertise in cinematography?

In conjunction with NVS 10th anniversary, we’ll soon be releasing a series of thanksgiving programs, stay tuned!

A decade of journey, always be grateful.

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The Long Awaited “Yes I Do”

Sim & Ivy| SDE


There’s a reason why two people stay together. They give each other something nobody else can.

Message from the newlyweds:

很開心選擇了Neptune View Studio,既然能做到我要求的中文歌,还搭配到那么完美,其實已經超出我的想像,而且你們也盡心盡力一直滿足我的要求,你們真的是太棒了!!!我真的太喜歡了~~~

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