Some propose to their significant others on bended knee or over a candlelight dinner. These gestures may be romantic but apparently no longer “in” (trendy). Nowadays, proposals can sometimes be quite complicated – people want to be different from the rest and this has resulted in quirky, unique and sometimes bizarre wedding proposals. At the end of the day, it is not how much you spend but it’s the thought that matters.

   Still remember some of our past nerve-wracking NVS proposals? Here we recall them all one by one…

Proposals Testimonial

Proposal Testimonial in 2009, 2010, 2011



Steve Khoo & Zoe Siah | 22nd July 2009

   We met this couple in one of the Marriage Counselling Programs. Unintentionally, we got to know that Steve was planning to go on a domestic trip. So, we suggested him to give his fiancée a surprise proposal at LCCT airport. While Steve & Zoe were travelling, NVS’s crew assisted him to plan the entire proposal itinerary and invited their friends to get involved in this meaningful project.

   It was Steve Khoo’s way of proposing to his girl friend of eight years, Zoe Siah. The proposal caught Zoe completely off-guard under the witness of friends and family.

   “We had just landed at LCCT after a trip to Sabah. While I was waiting for our baggage claim, he excused himself to the toilet. A little later, he called my mobile phone, telling me that he will wait for me at the exit”

   “I saw a lot of people at the entrance and I thought they were fans of a movie star or artist. Then I heard him calling out my name and only then I realise it is a proposal”

   “He went down on his knee, took out a ring and proposed. It was so romantic. I was shaking with excitement” said Zoe. She was shocked and touched.

   “Yes, I was truly surprised to see our friends wearing the T-shirt with the words. I did not expect such a public proposal, especially from Steve. He’s not known to be expressive or romantic,” said Zoe.

Do you like the way he proposed?

   “Yes. He was daring enough to pop the question in public and I thought that was romantic and gallant,” she said.

   “I wanted to make it a memorable occasion. So I decided to do it in public. Also I knew that Zoe will not expect something like this from me,” said the bashful Steve.

   “The videographer gave me this idea and even helped with the T-shirts. My friends joined in and painted the T-shirts. The whole episode from preparing the T-shirts to actual proposal was filmed and videotaped.”

   Catch Steve’s wedding proposal with the link above!



Franco Choo & Vee Men Chua | 17th May 2010

   This marriage proposal took place at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Three cameramen were hiding at different locations to capture the entire process.

   Franco had once asked Vee Men what he’d have do to get her to say “yes” , her answer was her family and friend’s blessing.

   With Catherine’s (NVS proposal planner) help, all her family members and her closest friends were interviewed and they gave their blessings for the union. Then Wee Men’s family was roped in to take her shopping in Bukit Bintang and to make sure she walked past the Maybank building at 8.30pm. At precisely that time, the recorded video played on the huge LED screen. There was music, followed by a voice calling out Wee Men’s name. When she looked up, she saw all the recorded interviews being played, ending with Franco’s sincere confession.

   Wee Men, who was crying by that time, realised that Franco was beside her the whole time dressed in a lion mascot suit.

   As the video ended, Franco took off his head piece, got down on one knee and proposed. At this point, the crowd also join in started chanting,“Marry him!”

   “Very surprising… I’m touched” said Vee Men while sniffling.

   It had been drizzling since that afternoon, but luckily the rain stopped just before the proposal video started to play, everyone felt really blessed at that moment. Thumbs up to the “spy” a.k.a. Franco & Veemen’s friends and their family members for supporting this touching, romantic and smooth sailing proposal!



Bowie & Lee Fen | 5th Nov 2010  

   Another memorable proposal was one that took place at Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

   The guy, Bowie, cut out the words, ‘Will you marry me?’ in Chinese characters from cardboard and he drove to Ipoh to interview her family members on camera. Her colleagues and friends were then contacted and interviewed.

   He managed to coax her to have dinner at a hotel. Her sister, colleagues and friends were hiding in the hotel. The couple were ushered to a table facing the television when they arrived.

   After 20 seconds, the guy excused himself to go the men’s room where he changed into a formal suit.

   While he was changing, the video with all the interviews was shown. When it ended, her family and friends appeared, each carrying a cardboard cutout of the Chinese characters.

   Then Bowie appeared with 99 roses and a ring. By this time, Lee Fen was sobbing.

   Although there wasn’t massive production that cost millions, his wedding proposal touched everyone who was there. Even we had tears in our eyes.



Helicopter Marriage Proposal | 31st July 2011

   We’re proud and glad that we can once again present you another spectacular wedding proposal – Helicopter Marriage Proposal. This proposal plan took us nearly two months to complete, from the plot writing, screenplay arrangements, friends & family tasks delegation to filming as well as the final editing.

   We’re just simply amazed and honoured to become the organiser of this huge production which involved four media participations. This marriage proposal was painstaking because it’s not only involving ring and flowers, but also the overwhelming wishes and blessing from a group of friends and relatives. Of course, helicopter was part of the plan too and we were so excited to filter helicopter models for them. It was indeed an incredible experience!

   On the 31st July 2011, at around 4.30pm, a sudden appearance of a helicopter circulating above the sky at Carcosa Seri Negara, Kuala Lumpur aroused the interest of passers-by. In the helicopter, there’s a couple who has been in relationship for four years. During the helicopter ride, she thought it was merely a video shooting of their flying experience. But, it was actually a surprise marriage proposal which has been planned by her boyfriend since months ago.

   “The bride-to-be is still clueless about the marriage proposal even though the helicopter has been circulating in the sky for some time. There’ll be a great surprise. Let’s check this out!” said the NTV7 reporter.

   As the helicopter approaching the ground, the beautiful lie was gradually revealed. Friends and relatives were holding tight on the handmade cardboard stated “Monica Will You Marry Me?” despite the strong wind that hit right in their faces. They just wanted to match the couple up for a successful proposal.

   She felt so overwhelmed and touched by her boyfriend’s plan.

   As the Chinese saying goes “one should strike while the iron is still hot”, he knelt down and proposed to her immediately after that.

   “Will you marry me? Monica…”

   “……”, she hesitated for a while and replied with a big “YESSS!!”

   She thought it was just a flying experience and didn’t expect this to happen.

   “At the beginning, when we’re on the helicopter looking down, I saw a huge white building and notice something flashes from the ground. Only then, I realised the message on the cardboard”

   “Then I held his hand tightly… I’m really touched because I’ve never thought that he is a romantic person lol…” she continued.

     This proposal was a real success, giving him, his fiancée and the attendees a memorable experience. Best wishes to this newly engaged couple!