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As a way of engaging audience, corporate video has always been the primary option for companies and corporations. A team of directors, cinematographers, branding professionals, and visual editors are eager to take your business to the next soaring level through motion pictures and design. Allowing you to enhance your corporate identity while reaching wider targeted audience. The corporate branding videos may include brand documentaries, products, services, campaigns and web commercials.


Qinetics Solutions

Under their global identity and branding of Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC), Qinetics Solutions is a global leader in providing domain name management services. Over the years, they have made tremendous achievements, winning multiple awards from Global Organisations that recognize their solid competencies, and partnering with some of the biggest players in the domain name industry.

Chevrolet Complete Care

CHEVROLET Complete Care

Chevrolet is with their owners for the long haul. That’s the promise that comes with Chevrolet Complete Care – the comprehensive owner benefit program that provides excellent service and support from the moment you purchase a Chevrolet vehicle.


REMAX Malaysia | My Device My Life

REMAX is the sub-brand of Hong Kong Refine Industry Group. The idea of young, passion, fashion and happiness makes the brand popular among the young generation. REMAX products provide you the concept of savoring life and fashion, including different categories such as Protection, Energy, Audio, Fashion Bags, Creative Products and Gadgets.

Amanda Tiew

Amanda Tiew | The Success Journey

What greater thing is there for someone than to help the people around while pursuing one’s dream. Through Amanda’s success story, we see not only her perseverance in achieving life goals, but also the virtuous and sincere care for all her friends & family.

Grean Meadows Montessori Home School

Green Meadows Montessori Home School

Montessori Home School stresses on developing & nurturing a child through ‘Whole Child’ approach that emphasis on physical, intellectual, languages, emotional, social and spiritual development. It is designed to stimulate the child’s interest and facilitate his understanding & learning capacities with little or no adult intervention. An adoptive non-competitive environment imbue of love, security & respect.

Masteel 2015_1

The Metal Works 2015 | Corporate Branding

Being the pioneer in the use of Electric Arc Furnace for steel making in Malaysia, Malaysia Steel Works Berhad has consistently pursue its goal to be one of the leading steel makers in the region. The factories are located strategically at Petaling Jaya and Klang in Selangor, producing steel bars and steel billets domestically and internationally. Both the manufacturing plants are equipped with modern equipment and are fully computerised to produce precision quality products. An eye opener into the steel manufacturing!

PlatCOM Ventures

PlatCOM Ventures | High Impact Programme 2

High Impact Programme 2, powered by PlaTCOM Ventures is a national technology commercialisation platform (TCP) that provides end-to-end facilitation from concept to commercialisation for Malaysian SME(s) to transform their innovative ideas into successful products and services that change the world.

Tune Insure

Tune Insure | Air Asia Travel Protection

A compelling story of how Lawrence was rescued from the treacherous Mount Everest Base and the importance of a travel insurance. Instead of being occupied with the what ifs, get Tune Insure AirAsia Travel Protection when you travel domestically or internationally with the World’s Best Low Cost Airline, AirAsia! From trip cancellation to lost baggage, delays and personal accidents, they’ve got you covered. So leave your worries behind and let Tune Insure deal with them instead.


Kenso 2014 | Corporate Branding

Kenso – The manufacturer and distributor of agrochemicals and fertilisers. Over the years, the brand names “Golden Goose” and “Cap Bunga” have become established as marks of quality, and their products are widely used in plantations, smallholders and farmers throughout Malaysia. To service and expand the customer base, they have cultivated an extensive network of more than 400 dealers covering every state in Peninsula and East Malaysia. With a firm foothold in Malaysia, they have also developed a regional presence in recent years. Markets that Kenso products have penetrated now include Australia, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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