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As a way of engaging audience, corporate video has always been the primary option for companies and corporations. A team of directors, cinematographers, branding professionals, and visual editors are eager to take your business to the next soaring level through motion pictures and design. Allowing you to enhance your corporate identity while reaching wider targeted audience. The corporate branding videos may include brand documentaries, products, services, campaigns and web commercials.


InterContinental Kuala Lumpur | Tatsu Japanese Restaurant

A subtle blend of Japanese aesthetics with a contemporary, minimalist design – Tatsu, is an award-winning restaurant with Japanese Executive Chef Yanagida Tetsuya at the helm of the kitchen. It has an innovative Sake Bar that is encompassed by intricately designed glass windows. Guests can enjoy the zen-like view of the lush garden and cascading waterfall while enjoying the freshest seafood available along with a variety of dishes, cocktails, wine and sake that is sure to please the most discerning connoisseur.



As a successful & prevalent corporation, EASECOX Group understand that there’s more to being a part of the community than running a business. Every year, on the 25th of May, in conjunction to commemorate their founder’s success, they organise community relations programs globally, reaching out beyond the customers regardless of national boundaries. This year, EASECOX Group has come to Perak, Malaysia – SJK (C) Papan Primary School. You’ll probably find that the source of joy for kids in rural areas is so simple. For them, happiness does not necessarily be luxury.  

OTS 126_2

OTS126 – One Dream One World One26

OTS Group is one of the Largest Life Insurance Agencies under Hong Leong Assurance Berhad, as well as one of the largest OCBC Outsource Company in the Financial Industry.The story of OTS Group is a manifestation of the Power of Dream. Having the strong belief of “One World. One Dream. One 26”, they create dreams for all those who seek for the opportunities to succeed, and to assist them to realize their dreams. OTS Vision started off with the first car plate number – WGT 126, all of us strongly believe in “We Grow Together” and “126 For All (One Two Six – 搵到食)”.

PictureWorks 02


Pictureworks PictureAir is a simple, efficient and automated digital imaging solution for Theme Park Attractions. It uses cutting edge technology to provide the customer with their photographic products very quickly through a mobile platform, connecting people and sharing memories wirelessly. Both Legoland and KidZania are implementing these solutions such as self-service digital contents delivery and photo printing kiosks for many photofinishing outlets.

Big Apple

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee

Big Apple specializes in offering a wide range of donuts and beverages to people who want something different from the norm. Because they strive to be different, their donuts are not the same as other brands of donuts in the market. Altogether, the concept, packaging and greater choices of donuts make Big Apple a very unique brand.



GeneCode International Sdn Bhd is the only dermatoglyphics company based in Malaysia with a globalised vision. The major goal of dermatoglyphics is to determine an individual’s innate characteristics (which includes personalities and performances). Additionally, it also reveals the innate learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. These dermatoglyphics are conducted systematically with sound scientific theories to produce accurate results.

Keep Perfect

Keep Perfect

Using patented technologies and materials, Keep Perfect takes display quality to the next level especially for LCD monitors & Plasma TV. It enhances the video and pictorial displays with its advanced anti-reflection, anti-glare properties to significantly improve the viewing experience. With keep screen treatment solution, you get crystal clear picture quality with sharp colours that are easy on your eyes. Keep Perfect, the perfect companion for your display.


Loreal Citizen Day

The world’s leading beauty brand L’Oreal, represents more than just coming up with the newest or most innovative products, but also paying attention to the valuable role that beauty plays in society. L’Oreal celebrated its Citizen Day, a global event focused on the company’s international and local community initiatives in Education, such as Hairdressers Against AIDS, Science, through putting the spotlight on women scientist and their achievements in the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science award program, and solidarity, through extending help to vulnerable people.


MAA i-Plan

i-Planner is the service provided by Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad. MAA’s strength and success as a leading Malaysian-controlled company is a result of doing what they are really good at, which is to operate a life and general insurance company, managing innovative and profitable products and actively supervising their investments.

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