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As a way of engaging audience, corporate video has always been the primary option for companies and corporations. A team of directors, cinematographers, branding professionals, and visual editors are eager to take your business to the next soaring level through motion pictures and design. Allowing you to enhance your corporate identity while reaching wider targeted audience. The corporate branding videos may include brand documentaries, products, services, campaigns and web commercials.



Demographic change and increasing costs pressure in healthcare today require comprehensive and broad-based solutions that improve quality while reducing cost at the same time. As an innovation leader and one of the world’s largest solutions providers in healthcare, Siemens Healthcare acts on these challenges.

Restoran Overseas

Oversea Restaurant

Oversea Restaurant is widely known for offering exquisite contemporary Chinese cuisine with special emphasis on unique Cantonese themed dishes. They feature traditional menus as the “Pièce de résistance” of the restaurant. A grand total of seven restaurants located in the Klang Valley and Ipoh, Perak under its belt including the pioneer restaurant in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur which is also known as the “talk-of-the-town”.


Toyota Customer Service

Since Toyota’s inception, they have always aspired to enrich society through the Toyota Way. “Moving Forward” describes the passion for innovation and discovery and the fact that they never allow themselves to get complacent. It is consistent with the dedication to Kaizen or “continuous improvement” – Toyota’s long-standing philosophy of continued progress which resonates through everything they deliver: the quality, durability & reliability.

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