Top 10 Wedding Cinematographer Malaysia


A perfect way to capture your wonderful journey of love. It can be a love story or a wedding trailer, allowing you to tell your own story of how you both met and fell in love. It’s your story, so anything goes. You can always opt for something more ambitious, getting involved in the creative process as we write, develop and produce.


Hoong Chun & Pennie (HD)

Hong Chun seems quiet and diffident but his proposal to Pennie was surprisingly exceptional. Upon knowing their love story, I’ve decided to include the proposal into this video. Marriage doesn’t need great story or fantastic plot; most importantly is the true love for your partner that embraces the eternity. I wish you both are blessed with abiding love.

Alan & Jenice

Alan & Jenice (SD)

We filmed this Music Video (MV) in 2009. After two years, the two main roles who played in this MV stepped onto the wedding red carpet. The MV has summarized the true love story of Alan & Jenice.

chen n beatrice

Chien & Beatrice

Chien comes from Australia and Beatrice is a Malaysian Makeup Artist. In order to capture the modernistic outlook of the Pavilion Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur whilst not being trapped in the crowd, we arrived at the shooting place very early in the morning (about 6.30am). In the mid of the shooting, the security guard asked us to leave for a couple of times but luckily we managed to complete the shooting shortly after that.

preston n liz

Preston & Liz

This couple possesses strong fashionable sense in all aspects such as posing, styling, selecting song & wedding gowns. We like customers who have strong charisma because this is how uniqueness formed just like this video, the one and only masterpiece.

Daniel n Brenda

Daniel & Brenda

This is a brand new experience. To tie up with the theme of “Indulge in Love” by EVERAFTER Company and the pre-arranged shooting scenes, we’ve implemented cinematic video shooting concept, combining Daniel & Brenda’s love story and the making of pre-wedding into a short film. It was just as sweet as honey love!

Vincent n Even

Vincent & Even

We’d been to many places for this pre-wedding shooting. From the newly built housing area, mining ground, to the countryside, you name it. “Sekeping Serendah” is a very relaxing and retreated place surrounded by natural beauty. The transparent and open sheds are intentionally kept basic and free from lavishness just like the blessings of love. This was also our first video filmed using Steady Cam. Looking forward to the upcoming shooting, we promise to bring more stunning videos to you!

Chun Ping n Xiao Ting

Chuan Ping & Xiao Ting

Their pre-wedding outdoor shooting was held at the Selangor Turf Club. This place is spectacularly beautiful surrounded by greenery and couples can experience riding on the horse-drawn carriage as if back to the past. You may find this video incorporated many western-styled elements. They were so elegant and joyful throughout the shooting.

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