Schedule 2018

DateDuration (days)EventsInvoice NoStatus
13/01/20181Tyler & Fion Tea8294Done
20/01/20181Tyler & Fion DInner8294Done
15/09/20181De Zhi & Yun Lih8298Booked
13/01/20181Jacky & Jenny8302Done
11/02/20181Peter & Siew Yi8299Done
21/01/20181Yeung Yoke & Yenny8306Done
17/03/20181Tina Tan & Paramjot Lamba8315Done
10/03/20181Victor & Keely8319Done
15/09/20181Ricky & Genise8312Booked
15/12/20181John & Jocelyn8317Booked
24/11/20181Pavanjit Singh & Ke Li Dinner8320Booked
25/11/20181Pavanjit Singh & Ke Li Tea8320Booked
18/03/20181David & Adeline8103Done
03/01/20183Precious pre-wedding8101Done
15/01/20181Nefful SingaporeDone
22/01/20181BFF Lipstick branding Done
30/09/20181Calvin Thong & Stella Chin8106Booked
10/02/20181Taylor's CNY festival performance2204Done
17/06/20181Valex & Yen Yee 8105Booked
15/12/20181Ethan & Clarisa8108Booked
15/04/20181Alex Lee & Rachel Chew ROM8109Processing
15/06/20181Alex Lee & Rachel Chew8109Booked
17/11/20181Shean & Yit LingBooked
22/12/20181Yih Wei & Adrienne8110Booked
23/03/20181TIS Hairspray Musical Event2213Done
07/04/20181BFM_Health and Living LiveDone
10/11/20181Gabriel Chang & Mei Jean8112Booked
20/10/20181Tsu Ming & Faan Jin8114Booked
02/06/20181Gerard Arvind & Henrietta Josephine8115Booked
01/12/20181Kok Lam & Siew Lee8116Booked
13/10/20181Kok Mun & Bee Shee8117Booked
14/07/20181Jegan Vasu Nath & Sivagami8118Booked
28/10/20181Chee Yuan & Kar Mun8119Booked

Schedule 2017

EventsInvoice NoStatus
07/01/20171Allen & Cho Cheng8242Done
07/01/20171Ming Sheng & Yoke Jia8229Done
14/01/20171Choon Hoong & Yuet Mei8248Done
15/01/20171Choon Hoong & Yuet Mei8248Done
25/02/20171Chee Meng & Melanie8245Done
18/02/20171Jacky & Jamie8252Done
01/05/20171Nelson & Ruth8253Done
11/02/20171Kok Seng & Set Yee8263Done
16/12/20171Keat Lim & Phei Yee8304Done
17/03/20171Hazel & Chester8266Done
18/03/20171Hazel & Chester8266Done
08/10/20171Alex & Thao8275Done
03/02/20171Shah & Prema8276Done
23/09/20171Kong Hui & Yuen Yan Tea ceremony8277Done
30/09/20171Kong Hui & Yuen Yan dinner8277Done
20/05/20171JC & Alicia8280Done
23/12/20171Wai Kit & Wen Yin8279Done
09/12/20171Keat Lim & Phei Yee8304Done
23/02/20171Qinetics branding video2116Done
04/03/20171Chin's Marriage Proposal8282Done
25/03/20171Jie's Marriage Proposal 8283Done
17/03/20171RBC new sensory rooms at SAMH school2150Done
18/03/20171RBC Tree planting2150Done
07/04/20171RBC Reef rehabilitation project2150Done
08/04/20171WWF Project 2150Done
30/09/20171Ron & Li Qing8285Done
22/05/20171Lye's Proposal8293Done
18/11/20171Jiu Hwei & Ee Lynn8292Done
13/05/20171You Bing & Lay Eng Tea Ceremony8290Done
15/05/20171You Bing & Lay Eng Dinner8290Done
09/09/20171Lukas & Serene8289Done
11/11/20171Adrian & Elise8295Done
15/07/20171Yi Hao & Conni Tea8297Done
20/08/20171Yi Hao & Conni Dinner8297Done
19/07/20171Clinique Event2164Done
22/07/20171RBC Student Field Trip 2163Done
29/07/20171RBC's Sport Day2165Done
10/08/20171Hai-O Corporate shootDone
17/08/20171The Park II Media Launch2166Done
18/08/20171Northern AAP 2168Done
19/08/20171Bukit Jalil City Event2167Done
21/08/20171Promo video shoot2169Done
07/09/20171BFM Breakaway 2017Done
15/09/20171Catier Pavillion KLDone
16/09/20171Giant Kid Run 2017Done
18/09/20171Hai-o Corporate shootDone
24/09/20171Ashlyn 3rd Birthday8300Done
29/09/20171Taylor International SchoolDone
30/09/20171TSP Annual Concert & Graduation day 2017Done
05/10/20171HLA AAP 2017Done
14/10/20171BFM 2017Done
15/10/20171Alan & Whye Nie8301Done
29/10/20171RBC Race for the kids 2017Done
18/11/20171Sky & Jenny8283Done
28/11/20171SAZ 31stDone
27/12/20171D's proposal pre shootDone
29/12/20171D's Proposal eventDone
11/11/20171Jouvarn & Verena8303Done
25/11/20171Eng Seen & Stephenie8305Done
12/11/20171Shern & Kexin8307Done
03/12/20171Chris & Kimmy8308Done
22/10/20171Citrine & Daniel8311Done
24/10/20171TSP branding shootDone
31/12/20171Kah Keat & Joan8313Done
07/11/20176HK Tuorism Event2178Done
25/11/20171Kayn-U & Kiki8314Done
27/11/20171Paul & Venus Proposal8316Done
22/11/20171Vivo Launching event2191Done
23/12/20171Uberman Roadshow2194Done
30/12/20171Uberman Roadshow2194Done
18/12/20171Austin's proposalDone

Schedule 2016

EventsInvoice NoStatus
18/06/20161Hann Ng & Jamie Lai8194Done
02/01/20161Sean & Sylvia8185Done
20/02/20161Isaac & Charlotte8200Done
26/03/20161Edwin & Lyncia8201Done
09/01/20161Jian & Patricia8203Done
03/01/20161Pon & Yen8199Done
24/12/20161Yong Siong & Chew Ming8206Done
01/01/20161Ken Chai & Lace Law8218Done
03/09/20161David & Venny8221Done
21/02/20161Sheng Hao & Lisa8222Done
10/12/20161Chan Meng & Chhoy Yeen8224Done
05/11/20161Benny & Evengelyn8225Done
05/11/20161Chong Guan & Wen Qi 8226Done
06/11/20161Chonng Guan & Wen Qi8226Done
21/05/20161Alex & Ling8216Done
29/10/20161John & Jasmine8233Done
28/02/20161Steve & Kaevy8230Done
24/12/20161Michael & Sharon8232Done
15/05/20161Wai Mun & Lee Na8231Done
16/09/20161Stacy & Sean Tea8227Done
17/09/20161Stacy & Sean Dinner 8227Done
03/12/20161Wai Hong & Melanie8234Done
01/10/20161Ryan & Jessie8236Done
27/11/20161Victor & Kar Wei8237Done
15/10/20161Por & Aveline8235Done
12/05/20161Chris & Belle Tea Ceremony8238Done
14/05/20161Chris & Belle Dinner8238Done
30/04/20161Paul Shergill & Desiree Cheng8239Done
29/10/20161Chris & Madeline8240Done
18/06/20161Jeremy & Elena8241Done
17/09/20161Jae Shen & Stephy Tea8243Done
18/09/20161Jae Shen & Stephy ROM+Dinner8243Done
24/09/20161Nixon & Joan8244Done
01/10/20161Steven & Michelle8246Done
15/10/20161Michael & Candy Tea8247Done
30/10/20161Jeff & Lily8250Done
02/06/20161Soo Kee Diamond Launching2125Done
28/05/20161RBC event @ Sekinchan2121Done
04/06/20161RBC event @ Tiomand Island2122Done
26/06/20161Hirev Corporate Event2129Done
26/11/20161Bhrendtha & Vinoven Kuna8251Done
11/09/20161Bryant & San San8254Done
24/09/20161Kean Keong & Yumiko8255Done
10/09/20161Bernard & Kah Mun Church8258Done
11/09/20161Bernard & Kah Mun Dinner8258Done
10/09/20161TSP Annual Concert2137Done
03/09/20161Michael & Candy8256Done
02/10/20161Feng & Jun8259Done
16/12/20161Daniel & Vi-Jean8262Done
17/12/20161Daniel & Vi-Jean8262Done
03/12/20161Chan Meng & Chhoy Yeen ROM8261Done
19/11/20161Eugene & Su Ean8264Done
05/10/20162OTS 126Done
04/12/20161Chia Weng & Shin Mei8265Done
10/12/20161Paul & Michelle8269Done

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